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4th of July weekend / Payson lakes!

Day 1 Friday June 3rd was a Friday lucky for my work had Friday as our Independence observance day. Which means i got Friday off and I still got paid for it! Mike and I woke up around 6 and headed up to Idaho. It was fun to go on another road trip. When Mike and I first met the first month we went to Vegas just the two of us and it was the best. We stopped at a gas station somewhere in Idaho and when we were getting ready to check out we saw that they had Black Jack and Clove Gum!!!! We basically bought all that they had. Then we made it to the Farm this is where Mike's Mom grew up. In Driggs Idaho, well more like Alta Wyoming there right next to each other. Mikes uncle Jim well now my uncle Jim took us on a horseback ride through the mountains. The view of the Tetons and the Valley was amazing. We road some black Morgans and they were beautiful. I have grown up with Quarter horses and have recently adopted a Paint and now own a Bay. I was impressed with Jims horses. After the rid…