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All Moved In!!!

I have so much to blog about I haven’t really posted for a month because I’ve been telling ya’ll about the honeymoon. First things first we went and saw Wolverine and I loved it!!! I love X-men and wolverine is my favorite! I read comics; yes I’m a closet nerd the more you read the more you will find out. The movie didn’t follow the comics, but that’s okay I loved it anyway. Then we saw Star Trek in the I MAX and that too was also amazing. Captain Kirk mmm what a hottie!
We are pretty much moved in and settled. We have been watching House and Friends when we have nothing to do. We stay pretty busy though with Mike’s friends and my friends.
Story time- About a week ago Mike woke up and went to work around seven I slept in till about 8:30. I was just laying in bed when I heard my front door open. I was scared!! 1. Because Mike always locks the door. 2. I was just chilling in my "undies". I sat up and tried to put the covers around me and at the same time I got in an attack po…