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Day 7

I woke up to something I probably shouldn't say because its really embarrassing for Mike, but I had to endure it so you all get to hear about it. Payden will appreciate this because I think he taught Mike all he knows. :) I thought the bed was shaking, but it wasn't Mike just passed gas and it woke me up thats all i'm going to say about that. I now know that people do that when they sleep even me how embarrassing is that. Enough with the Awkward stuff now for the fun stuff. We ate at Vips again and I got French Toast with strawberries and whip cream. Mmmmm we ate like kings again. Walked around in the heat for a while. Realized we lost our underwater camera... So sad looked for it everywhere. Then we went to the Mall and shopped. We ate at Planet Hollywood. Very Cool! Empire Records is one of my favorite movies and they had her whole out fit there! I've never been to a Planet Hollywood and I loved it the food was amazing too! Then we went to the Movie theater and tried…