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Day 6

Busy Busy Day!! Woke up at 6:30 which in Utah is 5:30! Ate cold cereal then got on the bus. It was a very long ride to Chichen Itza. Our first stop was the the Silver Shop where Mike bought me some Earrings and a bracelet. :) Then we went to Chichen and it was AMAZING! The history and the buildings are incredible. I actually felt the spirt at one spot where they talked about Christ. We were outside for a long time and it was so hot. Mike and I were sweating like piggies. I have lots of pictures enjoy! Next stop was food! We ate authentic Mexican food I actually liked it! While we ate there was a Mariachi band that performed for us, it was so cool! Last stop was a Sink Whole or a Cenote it was very pretty. Then it was the long ride home. Mike taught me how to roll my tongue. No not really, but we tried for an hour or so. Then we talked in British accents for the next two hours. Most of the people were asleep on the bus and the others though we were crazy! It was so fun…