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A little side note then i'll get back to the Honey Moon updates.

Character Quiz

You're Bella Swan - You are intelligent and kind but not quite sure what you want out of life yet. You have a feeling there's something more out there for you. You're attracted to those who are real and avoid the fake. Sometimes you're a bit accident prone, but your true friends will always be loyal to you and come to your aid when you need it.

I love The Twilight Saga. I'm not sure i'm a Bella, but according the quiz I am so i'll take it. I saw this trailer and I am so excited its only like 5 and half months away! November 20 2009. Yes Mike this means you will be taking me to see this for my early birthday present. :) Mike made a bet with me that they were not going to make any movies after Twilight because he thought it was so bad that "how could they?" I bet that if they do then he has to read each book before the next movie comes out. Well Mike get cracking! You …