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Day 3

Woke up at a normal time and went to the hotels breakfast buffet. It was good I love waffles and omelette's. Went back to the room and convinced Mike to watch Friends :) I think Mike is most like Chandler. What do you guys think?
Went to the travel guides booked Xel-ha for early tomorrow. Walked 2 miles to the mall. Normally 2 miles to walk is nothing, but having our new extra clothes on if you know what i mean, and being in Cancun from about 1 o clock to 5 o clock you don't go out side unless you are swimming. It was Cinco de Mayo so there were balloons and parties everywhere. We wanted to see Wolverine, but the movie theater was closed. Then we took a taxi home. Went and layed out at the beach. Showered and took out my hair some more. Went to La Dulce Vita (different from the one in Provo.) We ate outside on the dock. I saw my first up close crocodile. I fed him some of my pasta I guess the waiters only feed him rolls and not pasta. The Manager glared at me, but I thought it…