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Day 2

Slept in :) Showered for three hours... I had extensions and well when you curl your hair and then sleep on it you get knots. I had a head full of them. Mike was a sweet heart and helped me get about half of them out. We went to breakfast in the hotel then went out to the beach. Mike body surfed and I just had fun jumping over the waves and diving under them. Then we went in swam in the pools. Tanned and drank a refreshing peach smoothie. Yumm! For dinner we went to Sasi Thai. We got the Pad Thai and pineapple curry just like we always get at home. Mexican Thai is very different from American Thai. It was very very spicy. The restaurant is all out side the hut we were under was awesome and the view of the beach and the sunset was truly unforgettable. I will always remember this moment with Mike. Very romantic we went back to our room and there were more rose petals on our bed and in the bubble bath. It was so wonderful I felt like a princess. Later that night we watched Jon and Kate p…