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Okay Okay I'm up I'm up!

Just got woken up by FED X they called to verify my addresses. She said i'm getting a big package. I can't stand this Ah just one more day! I am so excited. I cannot wait to open presents. Thank you all so much for the gifts and for making me feel like a little kid again on Christmas morning!
So much for sleeping in today how can I go to sleep after that?
Today is packing day I will be moving all of my stuff in to our house tomorrow! I don't think Mike has any idea of how much "stuff", or crap as my dad calls it! Yes I am a pack rat, but I have thrown a lot away. This is going to be a big move the next couple of days. Oh well i don't care I have a present coming soon!!!! YAY!
I know i've gotten a lot of presents so far from the batchlor part and the bridal shower and don't you fret I assure you I loved what you got me!
She just it is big and heavy so of course I am super excite!!

Okay time to start packing love you all and if I don't update before w…