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What Happens In VEGAS!

The First time Mike and I went to Las Vegas was Feb. 2007. It was so much fun just a trip to get to know each other. We figured it was time to go back on a little vacation before we get married. It was so much fun some of us went to the Pinball Hall of Fame! Yes its a secret passion of mine lol. The Luxor was AMAZING I just loved it. I cannot wait to go back again in a few years.

At the Luxor and excited to be in Vegas

Tysin visiting Mike and Paydens Room

The Vegas Eiffel Tower!

Its been two and a half years since Mike and I were here!

Sweet Picture of us messing around with John, Paul, Ringo and George.

All you need is LOVE


I'm So Excited I can't even Breath.

Were here! Thanks to the guys for making a dream come true!

He's a good sport!

All the Machines

Mike playing with the Incense

A Shrine we found right next to Caesars Palace.

New York New York!