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Karen is our roomba!

61 Days and counting till I am Mrs. Hall!! I cannot wait! Michael and I are taking our endowments out the first week of April so that we can go to Colton and Lynne's wedding in the Timpanogos temple. I am so excited!!

Last week we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and registered it was fun! Michael had the gun so he was walking around scanning everything! I am so sorry for the random 2000.00 $ knife set on there! Our little inside joke is Karen, when Mike lived in the town house of the guys had a roomba and they named it Karen from the Office. Mike saw a "Karen" at Bed Bath & Beyond so he just had to put it on there. Some of you might not know this, but Mike is Color Blind. We were picking out colors for our rooms so the towels and rugs and accessories would match. Well lets just say there was a lot of deleting to be done. Some of his brown towels and his red bath mat and toilet seat covers clashed. I just had to laugh I just love him so much! Don't worry we have all t…