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Do you want to Good news or the Bad news?

Do you want to good news or the bad news? Okay good news first. We have found a house!!! It’s a quaint little thing and I love it. It has two bedrooms so we won’t have to worry about me taking up the whole closet. He will just have to change in the extra room ha ha or me. We will defiantly have to rocks that one (paper rocks scissors) I keep winning hopefully my luck won’t run out before then. I am so excited to decorate and go shopping with Mike for all the fun things we will need. Now for the bad news, its right in the heart of Provo……. If you know me I am a Ute fan all the way. Mike says “it will be humbling for me”. What is that suppose to mean? He says every one that lives in Provo or attends BYU isn’t a zoobie. I bet to differ. Even you Michael Wayne Hall and your love for BYU football is a little zoobie ish!! All in all I’m really just kidding I don’t mind the Y I love sports and I do cheer for the Y every time they play unless there playing the U. So really the bad …