New Look!

For my lazy Saturday I felt like I need one more thing to make that day the best! The first two are just me being silly :)

"Look a to me in my eyeball!"
I have had contacts since well forever! I've decided that I need something easier on lazy days and here is my solution, well until lasic!


Esplins said…
Very cute!! Good pick Nikki. I didn't even know you wore contacts! I really need to get my eyes checked but I don't really want to hear that I need glasses/contacts so... I keep putting it off. Maybe someday...

Oh and that wasn't a hint to Steve for Christmas. That's not really what I want... it would just be nice to get one for free. :)
Esplins said…
Oh and I totally agree Mike needs to shave off his nasty beard. We all know he can grow one now... no need to show it off. He's starting to look like Steve Carell in Evan Almighty. It's a little creepy.

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