I love, love, love, New Years!

I’ll tell you why! Mr. Micheal Wayne Hall  SHAVES! It’s Tradition!
Short story on that:
3 years ago today wow crazy I can’t believe I’ve know that boy for that long! I love him!  Okay back to the story I will try to keep the tangents to a minimum!  Mike and I met December 19th 2006 hence he purposed December 19th 2008. Cute I know! Our first kiss according to him was suppose to be December 31st or Jan 1st at 12:00.  I came over around 9:00 that night to their party. Mike and I had been dating, but not official yet because we had previous relationships. He shaved that day thinking he was going to get a kiss. Little did he know I wasn’t hooked yet. Jk I was totally smitten, but I still had the previous engagement/relationship thing… (which was playing halo with McKell with all the nerdy boys on the internet with our exs.) The whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about MIKE! Sorry this is kind personal, but I want to be able to come back and remember all of the silly details when I’m old and my memory is shot. So back to the story I came over for about an hour I believe give or take. I’m not really sure what we did I just remember sitting in a chair against the wall being all shy. I left, which left Mikey broken hearted. He ended up meeting a new best friend though. Tysin Schougaaurd! They went to the UVU dance and basically ended up dancing with each other. Basically both of our nights weren’t that great. It will be a story to remember though. He still gives me crap about it to this day. Especially this day I should say! He does still shave though hoping for that New Years kiss and from then one he will always get one!  Our first kiss didn’t actually end up being till January 4th 07, but it was perfect. Tonight I probably shouldn’t say this, but what the hay Payden and Melissa aren’t going to be reading this till after the fact. I am so excited for Payden and Melissa to get there first kiss tonight and we’re going to be there! Again probably too much info, but I don’t care!


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