Isla Roatan

ISLA ROATAN! At this stop we didn't have an excursion picked out yet. When we got off the boat and went and looked at all the options. We found that there were scooters and Monkeys. Chase and Tille went and got scooters so they could drive around the island. Colton, Lynne and Ashton went scuba diving. While I, Mike, Dane, Whit, Mom, and Dad rented a bus and drove through the whole island. Mike drove and my dad had the map! It was quite an adventure. The streets were tiny I thought we were going to die. So were driving alone trying to get out of the city to go see the sites, when were just about out from all the shops and its not that busy any more when Frank says "I need a cookie." So we found this little hut where they sell food and drinks and Mike, my dad and I got out to talk to this maybe 12 year old boy. My dad wanted chips ahoy and sure enough we had to point at them and we also got some random strawberry Spanish cookies,  because he only spoke Spanish and could not understand a word we were saying. I wanted Pepsi and some Gum. So I tested out my Spanish. I said Yo nessisito una Coca y chicle. And he got my a Coke... not Pepsi, because they didn't have Pepsi. and showed my the gum. I was proud of my self! It was fun. Then it came to paying... I couldn't remember how it was calculated from our honeymoon. I only had US dollars and no Pesos. He took 6 bucks and gave me back a bunch of pesos.... We were on our way! On our drive we saw NIKKI BEACH! Some day Mike and I will go back when there done building the resort! I even read out of Nikki Magazine how cool is that! We stopped at another beach it was amazing once again. Mike and I bought some sea horses and a big beautiful conch shell from the locals. Then we were off we saw this dirt road off of the main road and we decided to go down it. I don't recommend doing that in a foreign country! It was scary we were in the ghetto! They looked like they were going to rob us and there was nothing we could about it. So Mike hauled out of there! Then we started to head back after that and by this time we were pretty far out any way. It was a very beautiful island and lots of fun adventures. Enjoy the PICS! AND THE VIDEO
Ps. I'm way sick with the infection (see the Oct 13th post) by this time so i'm sorry if I sound weird and my cheeks are swollen. 

Driving in Roatan from Mike Hall on Vimeo.

Give him a dolla so he will go away. from Mike Hall on Vimeo.

Dane running on the beach from Mike Hall on Vimeo.


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