I know I still don't have a lot of your Email addresses and I'm sorry, but I really have to go private!I had a test period to see if it would stop well lets just say! Email me if you don't feel comfortable leaving your Email Address here! othisluv@gmail.com


Sarah said…
You better add me! sbuzz5@gmail.com! Love you guys!

lynniethepooh said…
The crazies DO get crazier!!!

Esplins said…
What's this?? You want your privacy?? :)
Brian and Kayla said…

I love keeping up with you Nikki! I'm happy for you guys...looks like you have A LOT of fun experiences together.
Phil Hudson said…
I wants to keeps readings these postes! You guys rock! philahudson@gmail.com
I love following your blog so make sure that you add me!!!

todd and erin said…
Hey Nikki! You've commented on my blog a couple of times and I'd love to stay in touch! fugal.erin@gmail.com.
Sumner Family said…
Erin said…
Whitney Parry said…
Don't forget me.. whitneyparry@hotmail.com
Brittany said…
I definitely want to keep reading the blog. We live super close but it's still the best way to keep in touch with what's going on. (How sad is that? I should drive the 5 minutes and say hi!)
add us please! :) craltom21@gmail.com
i don't know if you have my e-mail but its kimberleew21@gmail.com

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