The Dinner! Still waiting on rest of the pics from Payden

 So this post might be kind of bratty.... I am going to brag because I the the most amazing Husband, Family and Friends! I want to look back and remember this birthday forever!
Mike woke me up at 8:00 and was singing Happy Birthday and brought me this. I had one bite of Trix which is weird because its my favorite, but I was too excited!

Yes I am a closet nerd! He always told me I could never own this game because I would get addicted and he would never see me. SURPRISE!!!!

1. The contact case. He said" because you will need to see well".

2. The Green Sharpe! He said" so you can take notes in your favorite color."

3. The Bird Feeder Kit. He said" So you don't forget about the world"

4. The Mouse its made for gaming! He said" I will need it for the next present so I can be the best."

 5. WOW (World Of War Craft) He said" Because I love you.

 I had to work from 1-5 so we had an early lunch at Tucanos! Spoiled I know... I love it we have decided to make it a birthday tradition for both of us for lunch. :)

 I love Thai! I espically love Thai Drift!
We told them 20 ish people I didn't think that many would show up and we had 32 people there! Thank you for all coming. I was overwhelmed with emotion with all of the love and support. I must say this is the best birthday I have ever had!
Payden took pictures with everyone at all the different tables. I want to remember who all came so here it goes off of my memory of last night...
Mike Hall, Sarah Kolar, Brian and Leah Nichols, Spencer and Janae Larsen, Kristen and Nate Tesch, Cade and Tabitha Robertson, Whitney and Ashton Parry, Colton, Lynne and Theresa Parry, Chantel and Chase Parry, Juli, Frank and Dane Parry, Brett Sorenson, Tysin Scoughgaaurd, Alex Sultz, Joe Pead, Philly Hudson, Payden Thompson, Chris Fischer, Matt and some random kid from my work. Me and I'm not sure who I am Missing guess I will need to wait for the pictures.... I'm sorry don't hate me if I forgot you... Oh yes I just grouped everyone by couples even though a lot of you aren't married, but you will be by the end of 2010 hopefully so that's why you have your boyfriends last name. :)
This is Pineapple Curry its my favorite! I could eat it every day for the rest of my life, that and Pad Thai!



Colton, Lynne and Thersea gave me 1 ticket to the UTAH vs. BYU game. There amazing seats right in the Cougar Club! They also gave me the Chefs Table Pre-Game Dinner!  I was shocked I thought it was a joke at first! I get to go with Ashton the biggest Ute fan of the family. I can't wait!
Ashton and Whit gave me a sweet UTAH hoodie to wear to the game! I didn't take it off last night! Its so cool!

The parents gave me Money! Bow Chick Bow wow! Chase and Tillie gave me way cute clothes! I had more presents, but now I know i'm bragging so I have to stop. Well wait this is cute I have to remember this forever!
When Mike and I got home last night he gave me two more presents. The first one is the New Moon soundtrack. He knows how much I love it. The second is The Aviator! It was the movie we watched on our first date. I know what a romantic! Lots of memories!

Everyone thank you so much for making me feel special it truly was the best birthday ever! I don't like Thanksgiving, but I do like that it is sometimes on my birthday. With all the family and friends around I am so grateful to be here. My Parents card always makes me cry. I hope my mom doesn't care, but a short summary. She said I still pray every night and thank the lord that you are here. I love you Mom! I am happy that they don't have to go to a grave to mourn me and instead we can party. I am so grateful for all that I have. I love you all so much and thank you for everything!


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