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Who am I, sir, A Utah Man am I! A Utah Man, sir, Will be 'til I die


I am going to Mikes Family Reunion today, in to valley of the beast. I AM the only UTAH fan out of hmm maybe 50 -100 people. I am wearing my Utah shirt to the reunion. All I want to say Is I'm excited to go to the BYU pre-game dinner and sit in the cougar club DECKED OUTALL IN CRIMSON RED! GO UTES!
My Prediction for the game is 37-17, yes cougars we will kill you!  BYU Vs. UTAH Provo, Utah 3:00 PM MT Fight Song The Utahfight songis "Utah Man". It's believed that the lyrics were written in 1904 by the football team and its coach,Harvey Holmes.It is sung to the tune of Solomon Levi, an old burlesque song.The lyrics are as follows: 1.I am a Utah Man, sir, and I live across the green, Our gang it is the jolliest that you have ever seen. Our coeds are the fairest and each one's a shining star, Our yell, you'll hear it ringing through the mountains near and far!(Chorus) 2.And when we prom the avenue, all lined up in a…

The Love/Hate relationship of Thanksgiving!

Since I was little I have always really hated Thanksgiving. Mainly because I hated that it’s on my birthday every six years or so and everyone wants one thing for dessert… PIE! I HATE PIE!  Luckily I have an amazing Mom and she would always make me a cake. J
 This year I must admit I’m still not the biggest fan Thanksgiving, but I am very thankful for a lot of things. Mike said to me this morning “Happy Thanksgiving, I am so thankful that you are in my life.” How cute is that! I cannot hate Thanksgiving after that?  I am thankful for Mike as well I really don’t know where I would be without him. I am so thankful for FAMILY. Mine doubled in size this year! I love the Halls and the Parrys very much and am very thankful.  I am thankful to be living in a house and I know we are thankful that we have two very good jobs.  I am thankful for FRIENDS.  You can tell by my birthday post that I am so thankful for all of my friends and the love I feel from them.  I am thankful for the GOSPEL I have…

The Dinner! Still waiting on rest of the pics from Payden

So this post might be kind of bratty.... I am going to brag because I the the most amazing Husband, Family and Friends! I want to look back and remember this birthday forever!
Mike woke me up at 8:00 and was singing Happy Birthday and brought me this. I had one bite of Trix which is weird because its my favorite, but I was too excited!

Yes I am a closet nerd! He always told me I could never own this game because I would get addicted and he would never see me. SURPRISE!!!!

1. The contact case. He said" because you will need to see well".

2. The Green Sharpe! He said" so you can take notes in your favorite color."

3. The Bird Feeder Kit. He said" So you don't forget about the world"

4. The Mouse its made for gaming! He said" I will need it for the next present so I can be the best."

5. WOW (World Of War Craft) He said" Because I love you.

I had to work from 1-5 so we had an early lunch at Tucanos! Spoiled I know... I love it we have decide…

Sunday Night- Monday Morning

This was about a week ago I just wanted to take a picture of the first snow...

Sweet hat I know its the bomb!

So I deleted all the pictures of Payden and Mike some how so check back soon....

So my car has been at Paydens house from Thursday till Sunday night late and well I had a very low tire. Mike was out in the cold filling upmy tires. While I sat in his car and stayed warm what a nice husband!

I got to open my first present! 64 box of RICE CRISPY TREATS!!!!

Nikki's Birthday Dinner

Come and celebrate Nikki's 22nd birthday! She loves Thai and thats where were going for din din at 7:00. Were also going to Tucanos for lunch at 11:30 so if you want to come to that instead or also you more than welcome.

Monday, November 23, 2009
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Thai Drift
1655 N State St
Orem, UT

Say What? New Moon!

My birthday is on Monday November 23, 1987 which means I am 22 years old and I feel weird! Not old, not young just WEIRD! I didn't think I would be married at 22, but this is the happiest I have ever been. I just thought 22 was so far away and now here it is!

Mike for the past 3 years has tried to surprise me with presents and I have always been able to find out what he was getting me. Either by sneaking or tricking him in to telling me or someone else. The only thing he has ever kept from me was the proposal I was the most surprised I had ever been in my life.  As for this year I have no CLUE and I hate it! YES I am a present spoiler! He did give me one of my presents today! TWILIGHT AND NEW MOON TICKETS!!! Double feature baby! I am so excited! It was just suppose to be Brittnay and I, but she works early early so Mike and Payden are coming. Which I am happy about, but Brit we will see it soon together! Payden unlike Mike actually appreciates the saga. Payden read most of them so…

HALL-OWEEN! Not complete missing a lot of pics...

Its offical HALLoween is our holiday, because it has our name in it ha ha ha. On Thursday night Mike, Nikki, Payden, Colby and Heather carved pumpkins. I carved Mini mouse and it was cute, but I didn't get close up of her :( On Friday night my little brother called me to come carve pumpkins with him its tradition so Mike and Payden and I went to my parents and carved pumpkins with Lynne, Theresa and Dane. While the rest of the boys watched the Jazz game. On Saturday night (HALLOWEEN) We all went to Gandis then went shotgun shooting then to the parents house to show them our costumes then finally Kristen's Party! It was quite the weekend!
Sorry I'm still waiting for the rest of the pics that weren't taken on my camera...


The Halls were so kind to give us 11th row tickets to the Jazz game against the Spurs!
Chris has season tickets to the Ute's and hooked us up!
I got to go up really close and take pictures, I just wish that Korver could have been taking some of those lay ups I forgot my camera so I had to take them with my phone :( It was an amazing night with Mike, Phil and Payden. I saw the Crexendo logo I tried to take a picture of it, but it didn't turn out. Crexendo is the company that I am under. I am 1 of 10 employees I think. I feel pretty special to be apart of it! OK back to the game. They won which was amazing, because they are having a bit of a rough start. AK-47 was the bomb as usual!


I Love Taylor Swift!

The wise man built his house upon a rock!

Mike and I have decided to take pictures of the houses that we like. So we can build one that has all of the elements that we want.  Its strange how much we think alike. I LOVE IT! There are four things on the outside  that I think my dream house will need. #1. Tree line drive way or house on top of a hill. #2. Columns of some sort! #3 Stone its all about the texture! #4 White picket fence! #5 Balcony's of some sort defiantly one from our bedroom window. Decks can be included here as well, I like having a place to sit and watch the world go by.  As for the inside of the house that's a whole nother post!
Mikes first pick he loves little houses! This is his favorite house in PG. He wants to have some projects that he can fix up and this is where he would love to start.

Some reason I just really like this house! I feel this connection to it. Ha Ha Ha
(Its my parents house) In the fall its hidden. Not to mention the nice deck we have behind the house to watch the horses and deer …


I know I still don't have a lot of your Email addresses and I'm sorry, but I really have to go private!I had a test period to see if it would stop well lets just say! Email me if you don't feel comfortable leaving your Email Address here!

The End of Cruise 09

The last day was good it was just us waking up eating yummy breakfast and getting off the ship. We went back to our hotel in Miami where my dresses were! Then to get on the jet plane. I did get that motion sick on the way home which is awesome! Mike and I schooled everyone on the plane at the trivia game. Sorry this is kind of a boring post, but I really liked the plane picture.

This is our last cute little guy definitely my favorite!