Formal Night!

The Second night of the cruise we had a formal night. It was the fun day at sea so we haven't had a change to anywhere yet. Sad short story real fast. So I brought two formal dresses from high school I had my Sr. Preference dress and my Sr. Homecoming dress. I left them at the hotel in Miami hanging up in our room for the whole week luckily my sister in laws brought lots of extra dresses. All in all it turned out to be a happy little story and a very fun formal night Mike and I got some formal pictures taken from the professions on the ship where we are all dressed up other than our wedding. I didn't have time to scan them in so here are the onse we took with the regular cameras.

Mike in the shower being silly!

 I looked tired, but I really like my hair so I had to post this one. 

Dinner Time!

Posing with a random statue after dinner.

Our cute elephant that was on our bed when we came back from dinner.


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