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Grand Cayman! Sting Ray City and Hell!

GRAND CAYMAN WAS AMAZING! It was so hot, and so beautiful all at the same time. Below are a ton of pics from the day! We took and underwater camera that actually ended up taking some really cool pictures. I mentioned Hell and you can see on the map that i'm not making it up! We didn't actually get to go all the way to that point so I guess I really can't say we've been to Hell, but we have been really close! :)

The first pic is the family all in an elevator and I stopped to take a pic you can see half of them yelling at me to hurry up and the other half smiling for the Kodak moment :)

The next bunch is all of us on the boat to the STINGRAYS!


Formal Night!

The Second night of the cruise we had a formal night. It was the fun day at sea so we haven't had a change to anywhere yet. Sad short story real fast. So I brought two formal dresses from high school I had my Sr. Preference dress and my Sr. Homecoming dress. I left them at the hotel in Miami hanging up in our room for the whole week luckily my sister in laws brought lots of extra dresses. All in all it turned out to be a happy little story and a very fun formal night Mike and I got some formal pictures taken from the professions on the ship where we are all dressed up other than our wedding. I didn't have time to scan them in so here are the onse we took with the regular cameras.

Mike in the shower being silly!

 I looked tired, but I really like my hair so I had to post this one. 

Dinner Time!

Posing with a random statue after dinner.

Our cute elephant that was on our bed when we came back from dinner.
I love Palm Trees if they survived in Utah I'd have a million in my yard! 

All of us at Applebee's in Miami!

Driving to the ship!

I never realized how much Miami looks like Grand Theft Auto Miami Vice ha ha ha till I drove the streets in Miami that I have drove on the game. Miami was kinda dirty... I got some really pretty pics later though. 
 Man your Muster stations! Lol Mike and I at the Muster drill!

We saw these and thought LOST! Not quite, but close! On the ship looking at the beautiful view!

The very front of the ship waiting to sail.

Playing in the train arcade room it was cool!

Finally off to sleep after a long day! This is what was on our bed!