Labor Day Weekend!!!

I wonder who won? Ha Ha Ha Go U of U we rock!


• The start of filming the short SMOOTHIES!
It was a lot of fun and very excited to see Phil’s screen play being acted out! I even got be in a few shots I thought I was just going to be continuity. Payden, Chris and I went to Taco Amigo to see Emilie, Sarah, Megan and fiance. Then to Gandis to shoot the restaurant scenes! And to eat a burning bridge mmmm so good!


• More filming with fun adventures!
Mike and Phil filmed from 9-6 it was a long day for P and I we were just sitting around so we decided to have a friend date. We first took P’s jeep apart and the doors and the top are off the attempt to take the windshield off was a bust… We went and got another couch for our house and then went and good food. While hitting on some ladies for P. Picked up the Blink 182 tickets! Picked up food for everyone at Costa Vida and Thai drift for me :) Went back to Phils and watched the OU VS BYU game. I am proud of BYU, only a little I’m still with the right team! Its good though because when we beat BYU again in Nov. it makes us look even better! Then we went to dinner at Sushi Ya. Not very good Yapona is so much better! I met Colby’s mom she is way cool. Then to our house where everyone met to play games. In a pickle was cool, I won… Just saying… :)Then we watched Pete's Dragon well they all watched while I put together a puzzle! Pictures will come in a few days I’m not done yet.

• Fast Sunday and Homemade Peach Ice cream!
I love hearing people testimonies! I might love peach homemade ice more it’s a toughie...
Sundays are so nice we get to switch of between Mikes parents and mine which means I don’t have to cook so that’s always a relief. One of these days I will be cooking for them, way nervous for that day!
Sunday at 10:30 Mike and I laid down for a hour nap before the climb, but P and Colby and Heather just had to come wake us up... No beauty sleep for us lol.

• What’s 11,749 feet (3,582 m) above sea level in the Uinta National Forest?
Mount Timpanogos
I guess its tradition or something... Mike and Payden hike Timp every year on Labor Day. They haven’t done it for 5 years because P has been gone and well he’s back. I decided since I have lived in Utah all my life and Pleasant Grove is where I have been born and raised I should go. Timp has been in my back yard a beautiful site looking up at it. I never thought that I would be standing on top looking at the beautiful site of below. It was high time I hiked this motha. We started around 12:01 Monday morning. I had my fresh Teriyaki jerky from Maverick, I was good to go or so I thought... I thought wrong.
It was about hmm I don’t know 20 minutes in to the hike and I was getting some sharp pain in my lower back. I knew it was going to hurt hence the physical therapy I’ve been going to the last month. I know my L3 vertebra is compressed and I cracked my scapula, but I also know that I am probably the most stubborn person you’ll ever meet and no I’m not ashamed of it for reasons like this. I had to ask the group to stop for me, but we made it 4 hours later on top of a mountain! Yeah I wanted to quit especially the time when P took us up a waterfall cliff. Even he said that was hard. All in all I am proud of myself. I won’t be hiking that ever again and you have my word on that! I haven’t been in that much pain since I was thrown 90 feet from a rolling truck. My poor back... Here are the breath taking pictures of our trip. It only took us about a hour and a half to hike down, we didn’t have to stop once. Going down didn’t hurt my back so I was happy! I have to say a job well done Payden, Mike, Colby and Heather and a pat on the back for me! :)


• The After Math
We stopped in PG at my parents and got in their new hot tub and feel asleep in the soothing water mmmhmmm. Then subway drive through then home to bed. We slept till 4:30 and went and picked up Payden and Phil. We all went and got some food at Panda, love the orange chicken! Okay story time!! So the past few weeks I have felt like I have been raising 2 sons. P and M they are crazy when you have them alone just you and them one on one, but when you have both of them together its madness! Then you add Philly in the mix. Insanity!!!! There over there signing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang making people stare I was embarrassed as usual. I decided to open my mouth and say: Any real man will not know those lyrics. So I leaned over the kind of a scruffy looking man in his 40s I said do you know the words to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and I kid you not He said “High Chitty, low Chitty, anywhere we go On Chitty Chitty we depend”. Yeah I won’t hear the end of this one for years to come... I still think it’s a little weird 3 well now 4 grown men know the lyrics. We left panda just in time for me to bed the labs they were selling out side. I want a dog so bad. Soon enough I will get a Great Dane! Then OFF TO THE CONCERT!!

*BLINK 182 and Taking Back Sunday with Allred the local band!*
I think this was the best concert I have ever been to well besides Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill with Mike and the family that was the most romantic, but this was the most upbeat and fun! We had not so great tickets because we waited till Saturday to get them. We were almost ready to go inside and this guy said if we sign up to win Travis’s car then we can have fourth row seats. Giving someone my email address (not like it’s that hard to come by I guess ha ha ha) and getting front row seats of course we did it! It was cool we were so close I loved it! Usually we buy GA, but we knew after that hike there wasn’t going to be much standing! It was nice you could see! Girls will understand, usually when you go to a concert you’re on your tippy toes and all you can see is the top of the singers head. I could see it all, I am a fan of seats! I think I got videos of every song,but I'll only put a few up it takes to long to load. I was more of Brand New than Taking Back Sunday, but last night was incredible! The lead singer and his mic tricks were cool. Blink was amazing no doubt about it! Truly I think I got a clip of every song. Well my favorites that is. One last thing Travis was on a spinning drum set that went in the air and was tilting. It was sweet I videoed it, but I’m not sure how well my camera can video. I hope this post didn’t bore you. All in all our Labor Day weekend was the!


Phil Hudson said…
Love it Love it Love it! I'm so happy to be a part of your lives! We have some of the most wonderful adventures! Blink 182! Hi chitty, lo chitty! Every where we go chitty! Orange chickens and great seats. Film making and bald guy hating. Thanks Mike and Nikki! I love you guys!

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