I was at Phil's house a few weeks ago and we were taking some cards out of his closet when I saw this puzzle. I love Disney movies so I decided it was going to be my little project. Mike helped me with it. It was harder than I though it would be. It is 3D so each piece has a different colors when you movie the piece.

Spencer, Mike and I went golfing at Cascade on Sat. It was a very nice day! We rocked this course I haven't really ever been good at golf because I swing like a softball player, but Mr. Mike showed me how to fix it so I went with the boys and I did great I have to say I'm really proud of my self! I think Mike is going to get me Golf Clubs for my birthday he was asking me if PINK ones would be okay. Of course they would!!

Here are some pictures I hope you like them i'm sorry I look like dead in them I've been sick for a week now... Some of these are from previous in the year
                                                                                    and from last year.


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