Summer lovin had me a blast!!!

SUMMER SO FAR! I can hardly keep up with all of the stuff we have been doing this Summer! It has been a lot of fun! Its a really long blog and a ton of pictures I hope you enjoy! VIDEOS ARE AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THIS POST!!!

This Is MIKE! He is constantly making me laugh, I just love being married to him he really knows how to make me happy! I love that he is so silly!

Chantel Armistead (Tillie) my brothers girlfriend came over to our house and did mine and Mikes hair. I have been trying to let it grow out and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had her tint or frost Mikes tips he hasn’t really ever tried this and I thought well it’s about time! I think he looks so hot in later pictures you will see!
The next morning we went to Dane’s soccer game! He is so cute I’m glad I have a little brother so close to go watch.

We went golfing with Mike’s Dad and Cameron. It was fun I love driving the cart!!! After that we went to dinner with Mikes dad and Amanda and Adam. I love California Pizza Kitchen! They have the best Italian sodas! If you know me I am a Italian Soda Connoisseur! MMMMM so good!

Theresa’s Birthday Party!! We missed her dinner at Texas Road House sad day! We love that place so we went to her friend party. She had a slip n slide at the park by her house and my parent’s house. It was so fun. I had softball practice that morning and I got so sunburned! So I wore Mike’s shirt lol. We had a ton of fun!

SOFTBALL! My friends got a co-ed team together! Its been a lot of fun! Its every Monday night 8 & 9 at Discovery park in PG!

Iron and Wine Pictures!!! It was so packed we went up early and played cards then everyone came and I was so shocked how many people came. It was fun though then we went the the Pie they have the best pizza ever!



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