July 24th 2009

Ring Ring: uh ah Hello??
Frank (my daddy): Hey what are you doing?
Me: ah well I was sleeping...
Frank: Oh well i've already played a whole round of golf.
Me:uh that's great dad!?
Frank: Do you know what today is?
Me: Ya its pioneer day right the 24th of July
Frank:Ya and....?
Me:Ya I know I know. Its the day I got in my car accident. Do you think I'd forget?
Frank: No, well maybe I just wanted to call and remind you.
Me: Thanks dad I'm going back to sleep now I'll come over tonight or I'll call you.
Frank: Alright (laugh) k bye.

This is how my day started out I hope you can get the full effect. My father honestly thought I would forget today? That crazy man jk I love him. I woke up around nine and got ready for work. I drove really really carefully to work just so you all know. I got to work and at my desk was a note from my bro that was so sweet. And a snickers bar underneath to top it off! :) I love my family!

Last night I had the wonderul opertunity to go to the Provo Temple for the first time. Mike and I did sealings with Suzanne and big Mike. It was such an amazing experience! I was like Mike its like we get to get married again! :) I loved it, when ever I tell people about my car accident and they see the pictures. They say "you must be really special the lord kept you hear for a reason." This always made me wonder why me I'm not so special I wonder what it is. I never knew that I would be where I am at today. After my accident I was very depressed and not my normal self. My spirit was broke. I am so happy to say I know why I am here. The Temple and Mike have been the best things to happen to me! I know that I was suppose to do this and I am grateful for all that I have.

Tonight we went to the Halls and had a wonderful bbq they always have the best fruit! yum! We played Two Truths and a Lie! It was fun it helped me learn more about my family. I stumped them though, lets see if you can guess. 1. I am deathly terrified of Praying Mantices. 2. I know have learned the Nutcracker in ballet. 3. Spencer is my best friend. Okay guess and they all did. Now one guessed 3. because they know that Spencer is my best friend, but now that i am married to Mike he is my new best friend, but don't worry Spence your still my other best friend! Then we had some dessert and went and lite the fire works! It was a lot of fun! My favorite were the sparkler trees, and our grand finally of course! Amanda, Adam, Mike and I had it all set up we light 4 of the biggest fire works together. Thank you Suzanne for being our photographer of the night! It was such a fun 24th and I am grateful to have another family who loves me and I love them so very much! So instead being sad Its time to CELEBRATE!
ps. Sorry the titles of the pictures are all weird, but you get the idea! Enjoy! :)
Oh my Mikes face!

Oh my Adams face! They must be brothers! :)

Firework YAY cool picture!

Awe Suzanne and Mike! Cute!

Amanda and I

Me, Mike, Adam & Amanda all cute on a blanket watching the fireworks!

Mike playing in the middle of the fireworks.

Our Amazing FIREWORKS!


Looking at what fireworks there going to lite.

Mike & I lighting some fireworks

Adam & Mike

Amanda & I

Mike just lite those!

Me lighting some!

Amanda & I being silly!

My crazy husband, but I love him!

Awe cute family!

Cute Family again!


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