Harry Potter / Jack's Mannequin / The Fray

It all started Wednesday evening my friends and I got together to go to the mid night showing of Harry Potter! We went to Yappona and ate the best sushi I love the Vegas roll! Then we went to Harry Potter and it was amazing. Ron is looking good :), but not as good as my Mike! Then on Sat. we went to Gandis to see Phil then to Harry Potter again. It was still amazing! Then off to the concert! We met up with all of our friends! I hope you like the pictures! My Favorite part were the Glow Sticks!!

The Whole Group!

A smaller group shot

I saw this and I had to take a pic. I have one just like it on the green one to from 06.

Rockin the suburbs

still rockin

Playing jump rope at the concert with random little girls.

Kirsten and Amy jumping rope

Kristen and I jumpin

Amy landing on the glow stick rope

Shaking our faces :)

Getting ready for the show! We stole Phil's glasses and this is what ya get lol

Mike on the dinosaur!

Posing for Kristen

Mike being silly

Again Mike being silly

Tribute to HP


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