Day 8

Woke up at 5/6 ish and went to look for seas shells. We did find a few, but not much we will have to wake up earlier. Called the Hall family then they put us on speaker and then they put Sharolee on speaker and it worked! We could talk to her! She sounds very good I can tell how happy she is. Happy Mothers day to my mom Juli and my new momma Suzanne. Then we went to Vips again yeah we love it. I had another waffle with strawberries and whip cream :) We went to the dreaded market again and bought some shirts for Mike and I there cute. Then Mike wanted to take an adventure so instead of going back the way we came he decided lets go the opposite way... He said" I just want to Explore". Oh man we were sweating so bad. We passed a lady on the street selling flowers for mothers day. Mike bought me one lol. Then we went to Walmart and got some contact solution, much needed! Then we went out the the beach for a while and found some really cool sea shells! Then we went and showered and got ready for the night life. We went back to the mall and saw cookie monster and this street performer. Mike was like was like thats a real guy in there and I was like no its not. Then it moved I jumped so high then we took a picture :). Then we went and ate at a Indian restaurant. It was very romantic and beautiful. We were out on the dock and watched the sunset while eating and drinking Virgin Strawberry Margaritas. Then we came home and watched the movie The Queen. It was weird yet very informative about england and princess Diana. Buenos Notches.
Sorry if the pictures are blurry I forgot my digital camera and i think sand got in this one. I haven't had time to Photoshop them. Just hurrying and posting about the honeymoon so I can blog about recent events!!!!

Cookie Monster!

The Scary Pirate. :)


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