All Moved In!!!

I have so much to blog about I haven’t really posted for a month because I’ve been telling ya’ll about the honeymoon. First things first we went and saw Wolverine and I loved it!!! I love X-men and wolverine is my favorite! I read comics; yes I’m a closet nerd the more you read the more you will find out. The movie didn’t follow the comics, but that’s okay I loved it anyway. Then we saw Star Trek in the I MAX and that too was also amazing. Captain Kirk mmm what a hottie!
We are pretty much moved in and settled. We have been watching House and Friends when we have nothing to do. We stay pretty busy though with Mike’s friends and my friends.
Story time- About a week ago Mike woke up and went to work around seven I slept in till about 8:30. I was just laying in bed when I heard my front door open. I was scared!! 1. Because Mike always locks the door. 2. I was just chilling in my "undies". I sat up and tried to put the covers around me and at the same time I got in an attack position. Our bedroom door opens and it was Mike. I took a big breath and tried to calm my racing heart. Later he told me he was scared he thought I was going to kill him by the look on my face and the position I was in. I regained my thoughts and realized he had something in his hand behind his back. I thought it was flowers, because I love flowers almost more than anything! Gerber Dasies to be exact so if you get on my bad side now you know how to make me love you again. Just then he pulled out a green case I knew instantly it was The SIMS 3!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I am a gamer!!! I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM! The best and scariest moment in our new house!

I got a new memory card for the camera so now you can see our house! Mikes mom came over and we planted some flowers and gardened, it was fun! I learned how to edge. I know how to mow, but not edge. I have to say there are some weirdoes down here in Provo! I am going to start carrying my camera around everywhere I go. The things people do and the clothes people wear OH MY!!
We are in a married student ward its nice lots of Prego women and babies. Its strange coming from a silent singles ward it’s very different. Mike thinks I’m going to be called as the Relief Society Pres. I sure hope not. That’s a lot of responsibility to take on, but we will see, I will do what the lord wants of me.
Oh yeah I got a new job!! StoresOnline is the company and I will be making web sites and dealing with peoples questions on how to make their web site better. I love waitressing I really do it’s so much fun, but I don’t want to work nights and that’s where you make your money. So I’m starting Monday 8-5 it will be something to get use to I haven’t worked a eight hour job in long time. The money is really good though and it’s an opportunity to make a lot more. We shall see how it goes I’ll keep you posted.
I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and I have a travelers bug… I guess it’s pretty common my stomach has been killing me since Cancun. I’m feeling much better now, but I am still not recovered all the way. So NO, I am not prego! If you ask me I might kill you, because I have been asked so many times. NO NO NO not for a long time! I want to travel and see the world and you just can’t do that as easily with a little one around. In 5 years then you can start asking about the baby situation. Seeing Mike in church though getting all googily eye over the babies it might just be sooner, but if it’s up to me it’s going to be quite a while.
Since my car accident I haven’t ran much and played sports. I horseback ride and long board and golf and hunt and wakeboard, but that’s about it. I am going the gym more and Mike got me a WII fit I love it! My friend Kristen wants me to run a 10k with her so I think I’m going to do it. Since I “broke” (compressed vertebras) my back I just don’t run anymore it hurts pretty bad, but I think I just need to strengthen it. I want to look how I looked in high school all toned and muscular. I haven’t gained any weight since high school well 5 lbs, but my body build is different so it’s time to get my muscle back. It’s the fourth of July parade run and right now we’re going to Jackson hole on the 3rd through the 5th so I might just train with her and go run another one somewhere else like this fire ring one I’ve heard of so wish me luck. Let’s see how my broken body will take it. :) I’m excited for Strawberry Days it starts on Monday its all next week! Wednesday the Carnival and the Rodeo every night after that I can’t wait!!
Mike is throwing away all of his old clothes right now, it’s about time. He has these shirts from who knows when. He just threw a B.Y.U one away! Yes hopefully the conversion to the right team has started to take place. I doubt it though, but a girl can hope.
We went to Yapona and had sushi last night with all the friends. I love sushi and Thai and Indian food. I am thinking about taking some authentic cooking classes. I would love to learn how to make sushi and other things. The Las Vegas roll is the best mmm love the eel sauce!!!
I would like to wish a Happy Fathers day to my papa Frank! To my new dad big Mike and to my wonderful husband. Happy Fathers Day guys! I hope you all like your presents! Oh and Mike says he will update his blog too he is just busy being married and being a slacker. I threw the last part in there, but its true his “Office” is still not organized. I’ll take a picture of that when he’s finished, but here are that other rooms. Mike made sure we only got Cusinart appliances sorry you can only see the blender, but you can imagine. Also we haven't hung up all of our pictures, but you get the idea. HERE ARE SOME PICS ENJOY! Love The Hall Family! :)
                                                         OUR FIRST HOME TOGETHER!

Living room I love blankets they keep me warm i'm always cold!

Mike's Baby! He loves his T.V. it is very nice I must admit.

Dining room!

Our Kitchen with all of our wonderful Cuisinart appliances.

Laundry room! Our very nice washer and dryer! LOVE IT!!!!

Our Fridge with all of our thousands of Wedding announcements! :)

Our bedroom. I love our quilt, Suzanne made it for us!

Our Office door. Mike still need to organize it so you'll just have to wait for that.

Our Ocean Bathroom!

More Bathroom! Got to love our shells from CANCUN!

Our Garage, this is the first thing Mike organized. Its his pride and joy he loves all of his manly stuff in there.

Backyard with our awesome basketball hoop!

Thanks for viewing hope you liked it! Go comment and tell me what you think!

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Sumner Family said…
Okay, I am only the slightest bit jealous of your washer and dryer...fancy!

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