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Strawberry Days

Strawberry days 2009 was a huge success I love it! It my favorite thing about Pleasant Grove.
Wednesday night Mike and I took my little brother Dane to the carnival. Mike had never rode the carnival rides poor kid! I have puked on a few mis fortunate people in the past years so I just watched and let Mike be a good brother-inlaw lol. Dane loved the zipper it was his first time on it too. We got some strawberries and cream mmm so good if you've never had one your missing out!
Thursday night we went to the rodeo with Kristen and Nate, Amy and Matt, Kirsten and her guy and Haley. It was a lot of fun I love the rodeo the beautiful horses the cowboys and the smell of cows. :) Friday night we went to the rodeo with my family and Saturday night we went to the rodeo with Mikes family. It was so much fun I can't wait till next year. I know that some day Mike and I will move away, but I know that one week of the year we will always come back to good ole strawberry days.


Josh Gracin

Mike and I went to the Josh Gracin concert two weeks ago and it was so much fun!
It was K bulls 99.3 low dough country show to support the Troops. Josh Gracin and Darryl Worley and some red headed opener that was pretty good all played. We took some pretty sweet pictures with the Army Trucks and Tanks! I got up pretty close to Josh then he left and went out into the audience! It was awesome!! We saw some Marines ahhh we miss P! We also saw Christie, Cory's wife one of our good friends also serving with P in Iraq.

Sitting in the crowd.

Mike and the Tank

It was a tough climb, but I made it! jk

My favorite pic of the day! Mike looks like a little kid on Christmas morning!

Making my way through the crowd to get to JOSH!




THERE! WHAT AN AMAZING SHOT!!! He Has Such a Good Voice!!

It was a wonderful concert Mike even slow danced with me a little bit in the huge crowd. My favorite song of the night was Unbelievable. It was a truly an unbelievable night!

Song of the da…

All Moved In!!!

I have so much to blog about I haven’t really posted for a month because I’ve been telling ya’ll about the honeymoon. First things first we went and saw Wolverine and I loved it!!! I love X-men and wolverine is my favorite! I read comics; yes I’m a closet nerd the more you read the more you will find out. The movie didn’t follow the comics, but that’s okay I loved it anyway. Then we saw Star Trek in the I MAX and that too was also amazing. Captain Kirk mmm what a hottie!
We are pretty much moved in and settled. We have been watching House and Friends when we have nothing to do. We stay pretty busy though with Mike’s friends and my friends.
Story time- About a week ago Mike woke up and went to work around seven I slept in till about 8:30. I was just laying in bed when I heard my front door open. I was scared!! 1. Because Mike always locks the door. 2. I was just chilling in my "undies". I sat up and tried to put the covers around me and at the same time I got in an attack po…

Day 9

Woke up at 3 to go look for shells. There weren't that many the reef breaks them, but we did find some. Then we went back to sleep and woke up around nine. Then when to Vips I had yogurt and fresh O.j. Came back for one last dip in the pools and out to the beach. Went and packed up and headed home. Oh yeah I have a tummy ache. I think the Mexican Indian food hurt my belly.

Last words:
The honey moon was very fun and awesome! I loved every moment of it! The buses and almost dying from the crazy drivers on the small roads to the Markado(market) and the men harassing me... I love being married. I cannot wait to get home and unwrap all those presents and move into our house! I love my new family they are the coolest. I love my best friend Mike and now my husband thank you for making my dreams come true.

Last pictures from our room. Nice view huh!

I love Mike!

Day 8

Woke up at 5/6 ish and went to look for seas shells. We did find a few, but not much we will have to wake up earlier. Called the Hall family then they put us on speaker and then they put Sharolee on speaker and it worked! We could talk to her! She sounds very good I can tell how happy she is. Happy Mothers day to my mom Juli and my new momma Suzanne. Then we went to Vips again yeah we love it. I had another waffle with strawberries and whip cream :) We went to the dreaded market again and bought some shirts for Mike and I there cute. Then Mike wanted to take an adventure so instead of going back the way we came he decided lets go the opposite way... He said" I just want to Explore". Oh man we were sweating so bad. We passed a lady on the street selling flowers for mothers day. Mike bought me one lol. Then we went to Walmart and got some contact solution, much needed! Then we went out the the beach for a while and found some really cool sea shells! Then we went and showered a…

Day 7

I woke up to something I probably shouldn't say because its really embarrassing for Mike, but I had to endure it so you all get to hear about it. Payden will appreciate this because I think he taught Mike all he knows. :) I thought the bed was shaking, but it wasn't Mike just passed gas and it woke me up thats all i'm going to say about that. I now know that people do that when they sleep even me how embarrassing is that. Enough with the Awkward stuff now for the fun stuff. We ate at Vips again and I got French Toast with strawberries and whip cream. Mmmmm we ate like kings again. Walked around in the heat for a while. Realized we lost our underwater camera... So sad looked for it everywhere. Then we went to the Mall and shopped. We ate at Planet Hollywood. Very Cool! Empire Records is one of my favorite movies and they had her whole out fit there! I've never been to a Planet Hollywood and I loved it the food was amazing too! Then we went to the Movie theater and tried…

Day 6

Busy Busy Day!! Woke up at 6:30 which in Utah is 5:30! Ate cold cereal then got on the bus. It was a very long ride to Chichen Itza. Our first stop was the the Silver Shop where Mike bought me some Earrings and a bracelet. :) Then we went to Chichen and it was AMAZING! The history and the buildings are incredible. I actually felt the spirt at one spot where they talked about Christ. We were outside for a long time and it was so hot. Mike and I were sweating like piggies. I have lots of pictures enjoy! Next stop was food! We ate authentic Mexican food I actually liked it! While we ate there was a Mariachi band that performed for us, it was so cool! Last stop was a Sink Whole or a Cenote it was very pretty. Then it was the long ride home. Mike taught me how to roll my tongue. No not really, but we tried for an hour or so. Then we talked in British accents for the next two hours. Most of the people were asleep on the bus and the others though we were crazy! It was so fun…