I have so much to write about! Where do I start! First things first I love my husband! Cancun was Amazing! NO SWINE FLU FOR US!!! As of right now i'd say were 75% moved in to our cute house!!! So I've decided to make my blog like a journal. I want me and Mike and our kids and grandkids to look back at our blog and see what our love and lives are all about.

~The Bridal shower and bachelorette party~
The bridal shower was at my mother in-laws house (Suzanne Hall). It was a ton of fun. I got to meet lots of new family and friends and got lots of fun presents! The Fruit tray and all the goodies I ate were just wonderful yum! I am so lucky to be a Hall. Thank you my new mom for all your love and support.
The bachelorette party was also so much fun. All of my friends came and we went to Yappona (best sushi ever) then to My Noah's to karaoke and open presents and play pool! Thank you Spencer for such a wonderful party!

~The Wedding Day~
Woke up around four thirty to get my hair done. Mike came and got me and we drove up to SLC to the beautiful Temple. Got married so amazing so spiritual and so worth it!
I am so happy to be sealed to him forever. Came out of the Temple and got drenched. It was pouring! Took some fun unbrella pictures with everyone lol. Went to the luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial building. It was great to have our family and friends there. I love you all. Came back to the parents took a nap. Went to Sun River Gardens to set up.

~The Reception~
Thank you all for coming! I cannot believe all the love and support we have had. I heard the line went out to the parking lot. For that I am sorry, but it really does make me so happy to have had so many people there. I hope the Food was good okay i know it was amazing! Thanks to Whitney and her momma. The Italian sodas were my favorite. I didn't get to eat the goodies or the shrimp, but I did steal one of those. I will put the pictures up as soon as i get them. The Limo was awesome! Thanks Mike again! I loved the Grand America it was gorgeous and the rose petals were so pretty!

~The Honeymoon~
Sorry your just going to have to wait for a few days I want to be able to post the pictures. I will say Cancun was beautiful!!

Thank you all for making this happen and for you help. Mike and I are grateful for all of you. ~Sincerely The Newest Mrs. Hall~


Congratulations!!!!!I didn't even know you were getting married until Tammy was a your wedding. I am so happy for you and I am so glad you are a blogger so we can keep in touch.

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