Day 1

The Grand America

The first day of being a married woman. Woke up next to Mike and it was great I am so happy that I get to see his face every morning. We went down to breakfast and had the chef make us omelette's. The fruit selection was amazing. All the strawberries, raspberries and pineapple I could eat! Mike loved the cheese display. All sorts of cheeses that he made me taste. He is defiantly a cheese connoisseur. We sat and ate for a while it was the nicest hotel I have ever been in. Then we were off to the airport. I got to ride in a Taxi for the first time. It was an Escalade a very classy taxi I might add. Lol We checked our bags and got on our plane. It was only a five hour straight to Cancun flight, but it seemed like days. We hit turbulence and i was nervous and of course Mike is just laughing at me. We landed and when we got out of the plane the heat and the humidity overwhelmed us. I loved it! I love being hot and it was paradise for me! We got to the hotel and it is beautiful! Truly breath taking! The ocean was right our window. In our hotel the JW Marriott it has 7 pools that are all connected and they go right out to the beach. I love the beach the white sand and the clear blue water was wonderful! We walked around and checked out the hotel. It really was perfect! Went back to our room and ordered room service :) pizza and a quesadilla . Yumm! We then tried to figure out pesos to the dollar that was fun lol.
Off to sleep and that was our first day on our honeymoon! Perfection!

The JW Marriott in Cancun!


Nick and Emily said…
HOLY CRAPOLI!!!!! THAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL. what an amazing honeymoon you must've had. pun intended. he he.
Michael said…
Gawsh, it was the best. We were so excited that we woke up way early to get ready to go. So so so exciting.

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