Day 4

Woke up early and drove to xel-ha. We were in a mini bus and it was a long drive. Mike killed me at slug bug. I couldn't see out like he could thats my excuses. First thing we did was snorkel. I loved it. It was my first time and I had an expert teacher(my new hubby). There were tons of colorful fishies! We bought a underwater camera and well I lost its somewhere, but let me tell you we sure looked hot in our snorkeling gear! We then played with the iguanas there everywhere. Then we laid in the hammocks and just relaxed for a bit. Rode the bike trail and saw some cool animals. Then we went on a jungle cruise. We were floating on tubes down a jungle and it was awesome. I was worried Mike was going to tip us though he never did. Then we ate lunch some authentic Mexican food and all we could eat. After that we looked at the parrots and tucans up close. Then we went to a light house and took more pictures which we no longer have. :( At xel-ha they made us wear there bio sunscreen. So we got burnt we were both red as you can get. So much for there sunscreen... We watched the dolphins for a while. I thought they were so cool. We dove back to the hotel just in time for LOST! Took some Ambien that night and still couldn't fall asleep. Don't stay awake on ambien you get crazy!!

These pictures are actually on a different day, but there all I had since we lost the Xel-ha camera.

Mike was fascinated with the guy behind him and I was making fun of him. He wanted this Apple stuff. This guy was a geek, Mike in 30 years. HA HA HA

In Love!

Excited to Snorkel!

Rise N Shine!



The Hammocks!

The Jungle Cruise


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