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Day 4

Woke up early and drove to xel-ha. We were in a mini bus and it was a long drive. Mike killed me at slug bug. I couldn't see out like he could thats my excuses. First thing we did was snorkel. I loved it. It was my first time and I had an expert teacher(my new hubby). There were tons of colorful fishies! We bought a underwater camera and well I lost its somewhere, but let me tell you we sure looked hot in our snorkeling gear! We then played with the iguanas there everywhere. Then we laid in the hammocks and just relaxed for a bit. Rode the bike trail and saw some cool animals. Then we went on a jungle cruise. We were floating on tubes down a jungle and it was awesome. I was worried Mike was going to tip us though he never did. Then we ate lunch some authentic Mexican food and all we could eat. After that we looked at the parrots and tucans up close. Then we went to a light house and took more pictures which we no longer have. :( At xel-ha they made us wear there bio sunscreen. So …

Day 3

Woke up at a normal time and went to the hotels breakfast buffet. It was good I love waffles and omelette's. Went back to the room and convinced Mike to watch Friends :) I think Mike is most like Chandler. What do you guys think?
Went to the travel guides booked Xel-ha for early tomorrow. Walked 2 miles to the mall. Normally 2 miles to walk is nothing, but having our new extra clothes on if you know what i mean, and being in Cancun from about 1 o clock to 5 o clock you don't go out side unless you are swimming. It was Cinco de Mayo so there were balloons and parties everywhere. We wanted to see Wolverine, but the movie theater was closed. Then we took a taxi home. Went and layed out at the beach. Showered and took out my hair some more. Went to La Dulce Vita (different from the one in Provo.) We ate outside on the dock. I saw my first up close crocodile. I fed him some of my pasta I guess the waiters only feed him rolls and not pasta. The Manager glared at me, but I thought it…

Day 2

Slept in :) Showered for three hours... I had extensions and well when you curl your hair and then sleep on it you get knots. I had a head full of them. Mike was a sweet heart and helped me get about half of them out. We went to breakfast in the hotel then went out to the beach. Mike body surfed and I just had fun jumping over the waves and diving under them. Then we went in swam in the pools. Tanned and drank a refreshing peach smoothie. Yumm! For dinner we went to Sasi Thai. We got the Pad Thai and pineapple curry just like we always get at home. Mexican Thai is very different from American Thai. It was very very spicy. The restaurant is all out side the hut we were under was awesome and the view of the beach and the sunset was truly unforgettable. I will always remember this moment with Mike. Very romantic we went back to our room and there were more rose petals on our bed and in the bubble bath. It was so wonderful I felt like a princess. Later that night we watched Jon and Kate p…


Day 1

The Grand America

The first day of being a married woman. Woke up next to Mike and it was great I am so happy that I get to see his face every morning. We went down to breakfast and had the chef make us omelette's. The fruit selection was amazing. All the strawberries, raspberries and pineapple I could eat! Mike loved the cheese display. All sorts of cheeses that he made me taste. He is defiantly a cheese connoisseur. We sat and ate for a while it was the nicest hotel I have ever been in. Then we were off to the airport. I got to ride in a Taxi for the first time. It was an Escalade a very classy taxi I might add. Lol We checked our bags and got on our plane. It was only a five hour straight to Cancun flight, but it seemed like days. We hit turbulence and i was nervous and of course Mike is just laughing at me. We landed and when we got out of the plane the heat and the humidity overwhelmed us. I loved it! I love being hot and it was paradise for me! We got to the hotel and it…


I have so much to write about! Where do I start! First things first I love my husband! Cancun was Amazing! NO SWINE FLU FOR US!!! As of right now i'd say were 75% moved in to our cute house!!! So I've decided to make my blog like a journal. I want me and Mike and our kids and grandkids to look back at our blog and see what our love and lives are all about.

~The Bridal shower and bachelorette party~
The bridal shower was at my mother in-laws house (Suzanne Hall). It was a ton of fun. I got to meet lots of new family and friends and got lots of fun presents! The Fruit tray and all the goodies I ate were just wonderful yum! I am so lucky to be a Hall. Thank you my new mom for all your love and support.
The bachelorette party was also so much fun. All of my friends came and we went to Yappona (best sushi ever) then to My Noah's to karaoke and open presents and play pool! Thank you Spencer for such a wonderful party!

~The Wedding Day~
Woke up around four thirty to get my…