Okay Okay I'm up I'm up!

Just got woken up by FED X they called to verify my addresses. She said i'm getting a big package. I can't stand this Ah just one more day! I am so excited. I cannot wait to open presents. Thank you all so much for the gifts and for making me feel like a little kid again on Christmas morning!
So much for sleeping in today how can I go to sleep after that?
Today is packing day I will be moving all of my stuff in to our house tomorrow! I don't think Mike has any idea of how much "stuff", or crap as my dad calls it! Yes I am a pack rat, but I have thrown a lot away. This is going to be a big move the next couple of days. Oh well i don't care I have a present coming soon!!!! YAY!
I know i've gotten a lot of presents so far from the batchlor part and the bridal shower and don't you fret I assure you I loved what you got me!
She just it is big and heavy so of course I am super excite!!

Okay time to start packing love you all and if I don't update before we leave to Cancun. Don't miss me if I die from the Swine flu. It was all worth just going, duh i'm on my honeymoon!


Blake & Mandi said…
if you do get it. dont bring it back here! haha jk have fun! i'll see you saturday
Nick and Emily said…
you know if you get swine flu first you will get more attention and the doctors can help you. then when it get's big you can be okay cuz you'll already have had it and your body will be like..."no big deal...it's just swine flu" ha ha.
Whitney Parry said…
I am such a pack rat too!!! We had so much "crap" in our apartment. We still are not done going through it yet! ohwell!! uuhh oohh..maybe you shouldn't go on your honeymoon because of the swine flu! hum.. you better think twice about that! Ha..yeah right! You're going!! Swine or no swine! ha

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