Festival of Eggs was a ton of fun! Driving around store to store on a Orem/Provo scavenger hunt!
Then we got our engagements back and I really really want to put them on here so you all can see them, but i was told that my butt would get kicked if I did that. So sorry you will have to see them at the Wedding or just wait for two weeks then I will post them. Here is our one we chose for the Engagement Pic. And a shout out to Sam and Aubrey our photographers they totally ROCK! Also to Mike you are so SEXY I am so lucky you are all mine forever! I Love you babe!

SOOOOO Tonight is Colton and Lynne's Reception. Its weird having two brothers get married, but I love it means more girls one day I plan on us women out numbering the boys in my family not sure when or how, but someday!!! Pictures soon to come of the wedding and reception of Colton and Lynne and Theresa Parry!


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