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Okay Okay I'm up I'm up!

Just got woken up by FED X they called to verify my addresses. She said i'm getting a big package. I can't stand this Ah just one more day! I am so excited. I cannot wait to open presents. Thank you all so much for the gifts and for making me feel like a little kid again on Christmas morning!
So much for sleeping in today how can I go to sleep after that?
Today is packing day I will be moving all of my stuff in to our house tomorrow! I don't think Mike has any idea of how much "stuff", or crap as my dad calls it! Yes I am a pack rat, but I have thrown a lot away. This is going to be a big move the next couple of days. Oh well i don't care I have a present coming soon!!!! YAY!
I know i've gotten a lot of presents so far from the batchlor part and the bridal shower and don't you fret I assure you I loved what you got me!
She just it is big and heavy so of course I am super excite!!

Okay time to start packing love you all and if I don't update before w…

Engagements and Announcement!

If you have not received and invite well here it is! Everyone is invited so don't feel left out, you all are welcome to come! We want you at the reception to share this special occasion with us!
Also just a sneak preview of our Engagements. Shh don't tell Mike. ;)

Love You All Hope To See You There!
Festival of Eggs was a ton of fun! Driving around store to store on a Orem/Provo scavenger hunt!
Then we got our engagements back and I really really want to put them on here so you all can see them, but i was told that my butt would get kicked if I did that. So sorry you will have to see them at the Wedding or just wait for two weeks then I will post them. Here is our one we chose for the Engagement Pic. And a shout out to Sam and Aubrey our photographers they totally ROCK! Also to Mike you are so SEXY I am so lucky you are all mine forever! I Love you babe!

SOOOOO Tonight is Colton and Lynne's Reception. Its weird having two brothers get married, but I love it means more girls one day I plan on us women out numbering the boys in my family not sure when or how, but someday!!! Pictures soon to come of the wedding and reception of Colton and Lynne and Theresa Parry!

Color Fest 09

The Boys and Me At Color Fest 09

Chillin waiting to burn the witch.

The Girls before the Chalk!

Hare Krishna Temple and Me GO UTES!



The Girls after the Chalk!

I love him

The boys Getting ready to jump in the freezing cold water. I did it last year and never again.

St. George Bridals

I know that there are a lot! Every picture has been taken in 3 colors. Color, Black and White and Sepia. I went through and picked out my favorites. Enjoy! TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK AND BE HONEST!!

Soon to come: Our Engagements!

Also this is Errin's work ( from St. George she took my red rock bridals.

Sam and Aubrey ( are taking everything else plus more bridals, but with Mike so we can have more pictures together all dressed up. Those won't be taken for a while though, because I want lots of colorful flowers for those. The first group of pictures are my absolute fav! Well they all are, but I really liked these the most after those they are in no particular order. If you want to see them bigger just click on the slide show and it will take you to the actual site. One last think Yes my bouquet is made up of black roses :) and I love it call me crazy!