This past week was a very stressful and a busy one. On Wed we left for Vegas as soon as I get the picture I'll put them up no worries! Then on Friday we took my Bridals in St. George. More on that in two weeks when the pictures come. Then Saturday the whole family except Chase went to Zions National Park. It wasn't to bad of a hike. Very beautiful, I got to break in my Chacos. Hiking sandals for you that don't know.  Mike has just his skater shoes to hike in so we will be getting him some Chacos shortly. Well folks here are some pictures from Zions. Please excuse the No Make Up I wanted to get some sun on my face. The hair is curly left over from the Night before from my Bridals. :)


Esplins said…
Nikki I'm so excited for you two. I can't wait to see your bridals! Also, Steve and I are thinking of going out of town for our anniversary (your wedding day) but I don't want to miss anything for you guys so will you email me your plans/schedule so I know when/if we should even still go? Thanks!!
bridge said…
chacos are the BEST!!!

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