What Happens In VEGAS!

The First time Mike and I went to Las Vegas was Feb. 2007. It was so much fun just a trip to get to know each other. We figured it was time to go back on a little vacation before we get married. It was so much fun some of us went to the Pinball Hall of Fame! Yes its a secret passion of mine lol. The Luxor was AMAZING I just loved it. I cannot wait to go back again in a few years.

At the Luxor and excited to be in Vegas

Tysin visiting Mike and Paydens Room

The Vegas Eiffel Tower!

Its been two and a half years since Mike and I were here!

Sweet Picture of us messing around with John, Paul, Ringo and George.

All you need is LOVE


I'm So Excited I can't even Breath.

Were here! Thanks to the guys for making a dream come true!

He's a good sport!

All the Machines

Mike playing with the Incense

A Shrine we found right next to Caesars Palace.

New York New York!


Michael said…
Way too much fun. I'm glad that we were finally able to go to your Pinball Hall of Fame and stay in the Luxor! It was a great little holiday, I had a blast. I love you. Oh and 33 days! Ahhh!
Sue said…
Looks like you guys had so much fun!
Esplins said…
Okay... love the Vegas pics but WHERE ARE YOUR BRIDALS??? I can't wait to see them. I guess if only I had facebook... :( Oh and thanks for the email... we're postponing our weekend away so we can celebrate with you on your wedding day. It's getting so close!

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