I am LOST!

As of right now I am on season 2 episode 10. I only started a week ago, if that. Since I met Mike he has tried to explain lost to me so that I wouldn't have to go back through and watch them all, but i was lost, probably because thats the name of the show. LOL He gets frustrated because I know way to much for only being on season 2. Hey I'm not the one talking about certain things all the time I'm just the one listening and making the connection. :) Welp back to the wedding planning and Losting!

Song of the day: I will be forever yours Faithfully!

Faithfully by Journey


Michael said…
Good song babe. I'm glad that you're addicted to Lost. I've had to watch them without you for way too long. We have to get you all caught up before this season ends! Theres a good goal. Set in stone.
Esplins said…
We're even more LOST than you!! I have only watched one episode of Lost ever. It was with Michael a long time ago but Steve and I are clueless to what it's all about. Maybe we'll start from the beginning and catch up... hmmm is it worth it???
Whitney Parry said…
You will love LOST once you are done with the seasons.. plus.. keeping occupied watching the seasons makes time go by faster...your wedding day will come faster! ha!That's what we did with LOST and 24.. watched it every day all day till we got married! ha!

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