House Update & Valentines!

Mike and I went and saw the inside and the back yard at our new house!!! I realized I have No furniture, well I guess we have a little we have a huge nice bed and three dressers. So guess what I did today… I bought him a big desk for the extra room and I bought a black leather couch. He doesn’t know about the desk yet I wanted to surprise him, but we looked for couches together. Everything is coming along so great. We are so lucky well I am the Luckiest! So now we are just looking for a dryer (we have a washer) a kitchen table and chairs and a love seat and something to put the T.V. on. We don’t have it yet, but Mike has the one he wants all picked out. Of course he does like that is a big surprise!?!.
Oh oh I forgot to tell you all about Valentine’s Day! I had to work at IHOP from 6-11:30 and Mike came and surprised me with a dozen roses!!! Then I had to work at Iggy’s at 12-4 and he came again with another dozen! I was so happy if you know me then you know I LOVE flowers!! He came and got me at six thirty with Another DOZEN! Yes I know what a stud I am so in love with you Michael! We got out to his car and I gave him House season 1 and Groundhog Day because that’s what he wanted no surprise there. He gave me a paper chain with 67 days on it. One for each day till we get married and on each chain one reason why he loves me. What a romantic! Girls I’m sorry, but Mike is the best guy ever! He gave me lots of gum and chappy (chapstick) and a gift card to Cheesecake factory because he knows how much I love each of those things even though he hates cheesecake! Dinner was so fun at Octavios (spell ?). Then we went and played Pinball I LOVE PINBALL. I want one in my own home someday! I am an addict. Then he got us tickets to Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was cute and funny. All in all the best Valentine’s Day ever! Michael Wayne Hall I love you so much!!

Song of the day: What can I say i'm a joker!
I'm a Joker by Steve Miller Band


Whitney Parry said…
I love reading your blog.. and being your sister too! PS.. if you're looking for furniture.. you can have my red chair in our living room. Ashton doesn't like it and we never use it! Now I know what I'm getting you for your wedding.. house stuff! I love house stuff shopping!
Michael said…
Awe babe, I love you! I love you're new blog design too! Very nice. And thanks again for House and Groundhog's Day! i'm so excited to watch them with you! we have a house ahhhh! so exciting. i cant wait. i love you so much babe.

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