And Here We GO!!!

To start this wonderful post I'd just like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mike! He is 23 Woot! I think he is pretty happy with his new G1 okay well I know he is happy you should of seen the look on his face when I gave it to him it was priceless.
Now we start the countdown! In 14 days it is my most favorite holiday! The Love Day! I love Valentines Day! I cannont wait for it to get here!
Next I got my dress! I cannot wear it in the sealing so I’m gonna wear my moms in the temple. Sorry I cannot give details Mike doesn’t want to know anything about it until the wedding. Also the place is booked! Tuxes are rented and Mike will look stunning!! We found center pieces and lots of picture frames. All we need is to find a place to live were thinking of buying a house, but we might just move into an Apt. until we can get a big down payment for a house.
As of right now we have 12 weeks and 5 days till we get married!!! I am so excited!
Let the count down begin!


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