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I am LOST!

As of right now I am on season 2 episode 10. I only started a week ago, if that. Since I met Mike he has tried to explain lost to me so that I wouldn't have to go back through and watch them all, but i was lost, probably because thats the name of the show. LOL He gets frustrated because I know way to much for only being on season 2. Hey I'm not the one talking about certain things all the time I'm just the one listening and making the connection. :) Welp back to the wedding planning and Losting!

Song of the day: I will be forever yours Faithfully!

Faithfully by Journey

House Update & Valentines!

Mike and I went and saw the inside and the back yard at our new house!!! I realized I have No furniture, well I guess we have a little we have a huge nice bed and three dressers. So guess what I did today… I bought him a big desk for the extra room and I bought a black leather couch.He doesn’t know about the desk yet I wanted to surprise him, but we looked for couches together. Everything is coming along so great. We are so lucky well I am the Luckiest! So now we are just looking for a dryer (we have a washer) a kitchen table and chairs and a love seat and something to put the T.V. on. We don’t have it yet, but Mike has the one he wants all picked out. Of course he does like that is a big surprise!?!. Oh oh I forgot to tell you all about Valentine’s Day! I had to work at IHOP from 6-11:30 and Mike came and surprised me with a dozen roses!!!Then I had to work at Iggy’s at 12-4 and he came again with another dozen! I was so happy if you know me then you know I LOVE flowers!! He came and…

Do you want to Good news or the Bad news?

Do you want to good news or the bad news? Okay good news first. We have found a house!!! It’s a quaint little thing and I love it. It has two bedrooms so we won’t have to worry about me taking up the whole closet. He will just have to change in the extra room ha ha or me. We will defiantly have to rocks that one (paper rocks scissors) I keep winning hopefully my luck won’t run out before then. I am so excited to decorate and go shopping with Mike for all the fun things we will need. Now for the bad news, its right in the heart of Provo……. If you know me I am a Ute fan all the way. Mike says “it will be humbling for me”. What is that suppose to mean? He says every one that lives in Provo or attends BYU isn’t a zoobie. I bet to differ. Even you Michael Wayne Hall and your love for BYU football is a little zoobie ish!! All in all I’m really just kidding I don’t mind the Y I love sports and I do cheer for the Y every time they play unless there playing the U. So really the bad …

And Here We GO!!!

To start this wonderful post I'd just like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mike! He is 23 Woot! I think he is pretty happy with his new G1 okay well I know he is happy you should of seen the look on his face when I gave it to him it was priceless.
Now we start the countdown! In 14 days it is my most favorite holiday! The Love Day! I love Valentines Day! I cannont wait for it to get here!
Next I got my dress! I cannot wear it in the sealing so I’m gonna wear my moms in the temple. Sorry I cannot give details Mike doesn’t want to know anything about it until the wedding. Also the place is booked! Tuxes are rented and Mike will look stunning!! We found center pieces and lots of picture frames. All we need is to find a place to live were thinking of buying a house, but we might just move into an Apt. until we can get a big down payment for a house.
As of right now we have 12 weeks and 5 days till we get married!!! I am so excited!
Let the count down begin!