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Yes, yes indeed. You heard correct. Yes that’s right. Yep, I’m engaged. I know I know, you thought it would never happen. You all said that I would never find someone that could handle the many mysterious ways of Mike but wait wait wait wait! I haver! Yes that’s right. I’m finally engaged to Nikki Parry. My best friend and true love. Now sit back, relax, but keep your eyes open and enjoy the story…
Think of Aladdin… “It begins on a dark night! Where a dark man waits… with a dark purpose…”
Okay okay so there isn’t a dark man or a dark purpose but there is a dark night. Nikki and I had been planning on going up to see the lights at Temple Square in Salt Lake for a few weeks now (clever planning on my part, thank you mucho mucho). So I have her convinced that we will go up to Temple Square, enjoy the lights and celebrate the fact that school is over for the semester. So, sure enough we make our way up and everything is going well. I have talked to her father, went extremely well…