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Ps. I Love You

I want you all to know i watched this show alone. Stupid idea right there. I figured it was going to be some happy little chick flik that mike wouldn't want to watch. I had some free time so why not? As i started watching this movie i really liked it. About ten fifteen minuets in to the show was the first down pour. I didn't just shed a tear i was a mess. About every ten to fifteen minuets it would happen again. This movie just ripped me apart. It did make me think though. I felt that is was a very good film and i don't think i will ever watch it again be cause of the affect it had on me, but i do suggest you watch it at least once. I also failed to mention i was in mikes house so his room mates kept walking in. They all though i was weird for crying over a silly show, and normally I'd be making fun of the girl that cries in movies but not today. I will never watch this movie again, but i do recommend you watch it at least once.