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All the fish in the sea

I was out fishing when this idea came to me. I started to think about the boys i have dated in the past and the boys i will continue to date and the boys i want to date in the future. Then it came to me. Boys are like fish. I started to think about this guy i dated who would tell me anything i wanted to hear. He would lie to me about the most obscured things just to make me happy. So i decided that he should be titled carp. Carp is a fish the eats the other fishes droppings. As for that boy he would feed me full of crap. Then i was on to the blue gills. These fish are very beautiful fish. I love the blue color they have. This fish is a very small and thin fish. Just like many types of boys. They can be very attractive but there brain can be very small. Then you have your typical bottom feeders and your minnows and i'm sure i don't have to mention types of boys its very apperent who they are. Then you have your browns and your rainbows and our browns and other types of trout. …