December 17th 2008

I want you try to explain so you understand exactly how I felt when I realized I had just gotten the biggest surprise of my life! I was in so much shock. It’s all I can think about. I will be doing my hair or driving in my car or writing a paper and then I realized there's something on my hand and I start to cry. I have never felt this kind of love before. I know it’s a worldly thing, but then I think about the hard work he put in it to get it. The symbol that it is. I am so in love with him. And now for how it happened. A few weeks prior we talked about going to see the lights up at temple square. We decided to celebrate finals being over and to go then and see them and have a nice date. I then realized that mike had no money and I didn't want him to spend his money on anything else. So I said mike we cannot go. I want a ring and I want you to save your money so I don't have to wait to February. He had me convinced that I would have to wait till then. We started the drive up there he was going a little fast and kept rambling about nothing it was off. I don't know how to describe it, but I could tell that there was something weird. We got up to the garage and started to walk to the temple. It was so cold. I usually walk on mikes right side, but this night I didn't want to be by the cars. So I switched hand where the ring was in his pocket. He then made up something how it was weird to have me on that side so I went back to where I did not know about the ring, but I did know something was off. So I asked him are u OK you seem different. He said oh really? I didn't take my meds (adhd) today so that might be it. He had me fooled! So I'm going to jump to proposal sorry but read his blog for the other details. We were standing there and I was still freezing I was in turbo mode I wanted to look then go. He kept wandering off the path which I was really confused about, but it was beautiful so I followed. He then said I love you like three times first time I said I love you back. Second time I said I love you too. Third time he said it I was like I know. Because I was cool and wanted to keep moving. But then he said to me I don't think you know how much I love you. And I was shocked. He bent down and this is where it starts! The holding of my breath like it was all a dream I had to take a step back. I then started to cry as he said the most beautiful things to me. Then I started to hyperventilate laugh. Cus I realized how fooled I had been. He got me good!!! I was no longer cold. I was warm now. I was not hungry either. The crowd cheered and I just kept hugging him! Realizing all the trickery he had pulled on me. I still am just amazed I love my best friend mike he is perfect I could not of asked for anything more!! I Love You MICHAEL WAYNE HALL! Thank you for making my dreams come true!


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