Nikki Kay

Have you ever made out on your bed?

Do you think the last person you kissed is nice?
Yes the nicest guy i have ever met!

Do you know anyone who has messed up your life?

Do you have a best friend?
Yes Mike, Spencer, Kristen, Amy, and the list goes on!

Where was your default taken?
In Amy's house about 4 or 5 years ago

Who was the last person on your bed besides yourself?
My mom i think

What side of a heart do you draw first?
The Right

What is bothering you right now?
My hair is wish it wasn't so short.

Is it worth crying over a guy/girl?
Not usually. But sometimes.

Who was the last person you took a picture with?

Do you sleep with the door open or closed?

Are you good at hiding your feelings?

Do you like to cuddle?

Who was the last conversation you had on the phone with?

How is life going for you right now?
Its going so great I'm the happiest i've been in a very long time.

Is there any meaning behind your profile song?
Yes lots

Do you believe what comes around goes around?

Do you trust people easily?

Do you give out second chances easily?

Do you smile a lot?
lol its how people know i'm mad if i'm not- Phil

One thing you're looking forward to?
If you know me then you know. I'm not suppose to talk about it...

How do you feel about change?
Its hard, but sometimes it needs to happen

Does the person you like know that you like them?

Have you ever cried from being so mad?

Do you have any enemies?
Not really just 1 or 2 girl i don't like

Miss someone?

Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?

Have you ever made anyone laugh when they were crying?
i've tried

Are you happy?

do you smoke or chew?

Has anyone ever sang to you?

Do you hate the last girl you were talking to?

What are you listening to?
Me type

Who did you last see in person that is not family?
Mike and Kristen and Payden

Are you listening to music right now?

Do you like Chinese food?
oh yes!

Have you ever worn the opposite sex's underwear?

What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
sleeping till my boss woke me up.........

Do you want to get married & have children?
Yes I DO!!!! well the married part the children part scares me.

A cool survey of pics
Category: MySpace

photo survey
Here’s how it works:

1. Go to www. photobucket. com (don’t sign in)
2. Type in your answer to the question in the "search" box
3. Use only the first page
4. Copy the html and paste for the answer.

1. What is your first name? Nikki
Nikki title Pictures, Images and Photos

2. What is your favorite candy? GUMMIES
trolli Pictures, Images and Photos

3. What is your relationship status? Taken
love Pictures, Images and Photos

4. What is your favorite color? Green
Go Green Pictures, Images and Photos

5. Who is your celebrity crush? Zach Effron

Zack Effron Pictures, Images and Photos

6. Who is your favorite band? Tim Mcgraw and Faith hill
Faith & Tim Pictures, Images and Photos

7. What is your favorite movie? Ten things i hate about you
TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU Pictures, Images and Photos

8. What kind of pets do you have?
american paint horse Pictures, Images and Photos

9. What state were you born in? Utah
Utah Utes Pictures, Images and Photos

10. Where do you work? I hop
I Hop

IHOP Pictures, Images and Photos

11. Describe what you look like? Jeans and tee shirt and converse!
kind of girl Pictures, Images and Photos

12. What do you do for fun? kiss

kiss Pictures, Images and Photos

13. What kind of car do you drive?

mazda 3 silver pic 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

14. What is your favorite TV show? One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill Pictures, Images and Photos


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