Pleasant Grove Vs. Lindon

Being a resident from pleasant grove i am bias just so you know. This is a one sided note. I just got Lindon days brochure. As i sit i wonder what are they trying to be like there big brother pleasant grove? What do they have? Money? yes they do have money, but what else? A new Police force? Yes they do. but what about ambulances and firemen? What about a main street? I guess they have a center street. I guess they will have good fire works at there celebration, but what about a rodeo? Thats what i thought! what about a good ole rodeo i doubt there little arena over there could hold up to ten horses. What about a parade? My brother did bring up a good point he said they could but streamers on bikes and ride them down center street. Lindon i hate to break it to you, but you will never be as cool as Pg! We have abbreviations what would we call you the letter L. Nope sorry. It kinda seems that Lindon is trying to be like Alpine. I'm Proud to be from pleasant grove and be alumni to PLEASANT GROVE HIGH! So all i have to say to those lindoners over there. Just remember who is bigger and better and who you are trying to be like and good luck!

ok so most of this is just smack talk don't take to personally :)


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